GeoInnovation Challenge

GeoInnovation – An Acceleration Platform for GIS Startupreneurs

GIS market has been growing globally at a CAGR of 13.6% and is likely to reach $440 Billion by 2020. The growing relevance and maturity of the geospatial market has scaled up applications, amplifying its impact on the global GDP at the tune of CAGR 20.9% as reported in GeoBuiz Report of Geospatial Media and Communications Pvt Ltd. We also see a substantial rise in start-ups that have begun to leverage GIS to build solutions along with other emerging technologies such as IoT, Machine Learning, Deep technologies, Mobile, Drone, Cloud, and Big Data Analytics. For many of these start-ups, GIS and location-based service is a key technology for their offerings. The adoption of GNSS, spatial analytics, remote sensing, satellite imagery, and geo-enabled applications in varied sectors like Agriculture, Disaster Management, BFSI, Manufacturing, Utilities, Retail and Logistics, etc. is driving the geospatial market growth. With more start-ups joining in the GIS space and deploying pioneering solutions the potential of GIS is phenomenal.

GeoInnovation – An Acceleration Platform for GIS Startupreneurs is an initiative by Esri India to encourage startups to dissolve the boundaries between geographic sciences and business and create innovative businesses addressing real world problems.